Marca Pais


• We develop media strategies to reach the target with the adequate media mix in order to fulfill our customers objectives.

• We perform a comprehensive analysis of the consumer's media consumption habits and to a general level.

• We have vast knowledge of the market allowing us detecting opportunities and establishing efficient tactical actions.


• We collect, revise and process the information of the advertising movement by categories to obtain an investment and advertising impact outlook.

• We evaluate the behavior of the different traditional media in order to perform a quantitative/qualitative analysis of our innovating programs, formats and proposals in the different communication means.

Alternative Media

• We are in charge of the evaluation, negotiation and planning of non-traditional media: External Advertising, Internet and Movies, as well as promotional activities (BTL).

• We continuously supervise the exposed elements, and control the activities being developed and the detailed post-sale reports of each campaign.

• We permanently look for innovating ways to get communication closer to the target of interest to generate a high impact.


• We are responsible for planning, monitoring and optimizing online campaigns.

• We perform direct purchases on Google, Facebook, web search engines, digital media and other social networks.

• We produce banners and landing pages.

• We offer the Retargeting–behavorial targeting service.

Market Research

• Ad-hoc research.

• Advertising pre and post-test.

• Multimedia single source research, life styles and product consumption.

• Broadcasting audit: Television, Radio, Press, Digital, Movies and Public Way.

• Newspaper and magazine circulation monitoring.

• Website audit.

• Public way circulation measurements.